R.O.C.B.D. Long Sleeve - Mummy Pappy

ヤマモモで後染めしたロングスリーブTシャツ。オーガニックコットン×吊り編みのオリジナルボディに、清水将司によるアートワーク、マミーパピーを背中へ、胸にはLIKE THISロゴをプリント。

A long-sleeved T-shirt with an original body of organic cotton and loopwheel is dyed with bayberry. The artwork by Masashi Shimizu, Mummy Puppy is printed on the back, and the brand logo is printed on the chest. Made in Japan.

  • オーガニックコットン100%(タイショウボウオーガニック糸)
  • ラフィ吊り編み天竺
  • ヤマモモ染め(ボタニカルダイ)
  • ワンウォッシュ
  • シルクスクリーンプリント
  • Brand by LIKE THIS
  • Organic cotton 100%
  • Fallen cotton blend loopwheel knitting
  • Bayberry dyed(Botanical dyed)
  • One washed
  • Silk screen print

  • 素材の特性上、実寸サイズに2〜3cmの誤差が生じる場合があります。
  • XLサイズは丸胴ではなく、脇縫いとなります。
  • 高温での洗濯や浸け置き洗いは、色落ちや色移りの原因となります。
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be an error of 2-3 cm in the actual size.
  • XL size is not a round body, but a side stitch.
  • Washing at high temperature or soaking in water may cause discoloration or color transfer.

  • 着用モデル身長 : 172cm / 着用サイズ : M
  • Height of wearing model : 172cm / Wearing size : M
Orange Pink





ボタニカルダイ ボタニカルダイ ボタニカルダイ

Bayberry is an evergreen tree that grows in the warm mountains of mainland China and Japan. In Japan, it is called "Yamamomo" because it grows in the mountains and bears peach-like fruits. Dried bark is said to be effective against diarrhea, bruise and kidney disease. It has also been used as a dye for a long time. The red fruits that ripen in the summer are sweet and sour when eaten raw, and become jams and fruit wines, which are good for the eyes and body.

オーガニックコットン ボタニカルダイ 山桃染め Tシャツ

Botanical dye is a hybrid plant dyeing that dyes protein-treated fibers with a combination of plant pigments and a small amount of chemical dyes. Compared to conventional vegetable dyeing, it features high fastness and vivid color development. Since the natural colors of plants are reflected in a complex manner, the fibers can be dyed in beautiful and deep colors.