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R.O.C.とはRecycle Organic Cottonの略。

LIKE THIS logo T-shirt.
R.O.C. stands for Recycle Organic Cotton.
100% organic cotton. 50% virgin 50% recycled loop wheel jersey. Soft and durable original body made in Japan using a hang knitting machine. Collar is bias specification with the inner side shrinking and the outer side stretching. 2 colors, refined White and Natural.

- Unisex
- Size: S, M, L, XL
- Made in Japan
- Cotton 100%
- 6oz
- ≤210g
- 1% for the Planet


japan made, made in japan, 日本製, 国産
natural ink, natural dye, ナチュラルインク, ナチュラルダイ, 天然染料, 天然顔料
hand work, hand made, ハンドワーク, ハンドメイド, 手仕事
upcycle, アップサイクル
one-off, ワンオフ, 一点もの

Recycle Organic Cotton Tee - LIKE THIS



- Material name: OG Raffy - Quality: 100% organic cotton (50% recycled) - Material origin: USA, Tanzania, Turkey - Material control: Ochiai - Spinning: Taishoboseki - Knitting: Imashiro Meriyasu - Sewing: PAUR KNIT

Our quality

organic cotton オーガニックコットン 有機綿

100% Organic Cotton

世界5大陸の農家から調達したオーガニックコットン。3年間以上農薬や枯葉剤を使用せず地球の環境を守る農法で収穫したコットンを製造工程において環境負荷をかけずに紡績したタイショウボウオーガニック糸を使用。オーガニックコットンは、農薬や化成肥料による環境汚染のみならず、生産農家の健康への負荷も低くすることができるピースなマテリアルで、LIKE THIS TEEの着心地はここから始まっている。

Organic cotton procured from farmers on five continents around the world. We use organic yarn, which is made by spinning cotton harvested by a farming method that protects the global environment without using pesticides or defoliants for more than 3 years without imposing an environmental load in the manufacturing process. Organic cotton is a peaceful material that not only pollutes the environment with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but also reduces the burden on the health of producers. The comfort of LIKE THIS TEE starts here.

Loop Wheel


This old European-born knitting machine, which was active until around 1960, is called a "tsuriami(hanging kinitting)" or "tsuri(hanging)" because it knits the fabric while hanging from the ceiling. The tubular fabric made by this machine is woven slowly without applying extra tension to the yarn, so it is soft and strong as if it contained air. However, since we can only knit about 1 meter per hour, we lost our turn in the mass production and mass consumption society, and now it is operating only in a few companies in Wakayama prefecture in Japan worldwide. Not valuable technology.

Botanical Dye


Botanical dye is a hybrid plant dyeing that dyes protein-treated fibers with a combination of plant pigments and a small amount of chemical dyes. Compared to conventional vegetable dyeing, it features high fastness and vivid color development. Since the natural colors of plants are reflected in a complex manner, the fibers can be dyed in beautiful and deep colors.

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