Hemp Cotton T.L.D. Tenugui

ColorTea Leaves Green


Botanical dye tenugui dyed with surplus tea leaves harvested at my family's tea farm. Botanical dye is a plant dyeing process that uses as few chemical materials as possible by upcycling familiar plants.
The woven with hemp comprising 50% of the weft and organic cotton comprising 50% of the warp. Hemp has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties and can be grown without relying on finite resources like pesticides and fossil fuels. Hemp fibers are also four times more durable than cotton fibers. The fabric is woven using a shuttle loom from the Meiji era, resulting in a beautiful, durable, and flexible surface. Tea Green.

- Size: 360 x 960 mm
- Made in Japan
- Dyes: Tea Leaves
- Hemp 50% / Cotton 50%
- ≤ 60g
- 1% for the Planet


japan made, made in japan, 日本製, 国産
natural ink, natural dye, ナチュラルインク, ナチュラルダイ, 天然染料, 天然顔料
upcycle, アップサイクル
hand work, hand made, ハンドワーク, ハンドメイド, 手仕事
one-off, ワンオフ, 一点もの

Hemp Cotton T.L.D. Tenugui



- Material name: Tokubun - Quality: Hemp 50% / Organic Cotton 50% - Material origin: India (Organic Cotton) - Dyes origin: Chubu area, Japan - Weaving: Niimi - Dyeing: Chiontec

Dyed with

Material Story

Camellia sinensis


An evergreen tree of the camellia family, it grows in warm, well-watered areas. It is a perennial crop, and tea extracted from its leaves is popular throughout the world. During the Heian era, it was valued as a medicine for cuts, grazes, rashes, colds, heat rash, and constipation. It is also planted as a hedge because of its resistance to wind and dust. In autumn, small five-petaled flowers bloom.

Tea Leaves Dye


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