R.O.C.B.C.D. Tee - Motckun

世間に息をひそめるVINTAGE OBJECTを嗅ぎわけ、日々コレクトし続ける"Sukimono Museum Foundation"オフィシャルTシャツ。数々のブランドをまたぎ暗躍するMotckunをイラストレーター清水将司が念写!

The official T-shirt of the "Sukimono Museum Foundation" that keeps collecting every day by sniffing out the breathtaking "VINTAGE OBJECT". "Motckun" is active across many brands, was Thoughtography by illustrator Masashi Shimizu!

  • オーガニックコットン100%(タイショウボウオーガニック糸)
  • ラフィ吊り編み天竺
  • 竹炭染め(ボタニカルダイ)
  • ワンウォッシュ
  • シルクスクリーンプリント
  • Brand by LIKE THIS
  • Organic cotton 100%
  • Fallen cotton blend loopwheel knitting
  • Bamboo charcoal dyed(Botanical dyed)
  • One washed
  • Silkscreen print

  • 素材の特性上、実寸サイズに2〜3cmの誤差が生じる場合があります。
  • XLサイズは丸胴ではなく、脇縫いとなります。
  • 高温での洗濯や浸け置き洗いは、色落ちや色移りの原因となります。
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be an error of 2-3 cm in the actual size.
  • XL size is not a round body, but a side stitch.
  • Washing at high temperature or soaking in water may cause discoloration or color transfer.

  • 着用モデル身長 : 172cm / 着用サイズ : L (Black) & M (Grey)
  • Height of wearing model : 172cm / Wearing size : L (Black) & M (Grey)
  • japan_made
  • natural_ink





孟宗竹 竹炭

In Japan, bamboo has long been used as a celebration to wish for the growth of children. Bamboo charcoal, which is made by steaming and carbonizing bamboo at a high temperature, has a large surface area because it is porous, and has excellent adsorption power and an action of adjusting humidity. Therefore, it has been used for purifying water for a long time, and it has deodorant, antibacterial, and far-infrared effects, so it protects and rejuvenates the body.

オーガニックコットン ボタニカルダイ 竹炭染め Tシャツ

Botanical dye is a hybrid plant dyeing that dyes protein-treated fibers with a combination of plant pigments and a small amount of chemical dyes. Compared to conventional vegetable dyeing, it features high fastness and vivid color development. Since the natural colors of plants are reflected in a complex manner, the fibers can be dyed in beautiful and deep colors.