The Son Seals Blues Band : The Son Seals Blues Band

ブルースギタリスト・サンシールズの1st。ジャケの魚眼レンズ感が最高。キツめの酒をグラスに注いで割らずに飲みたくなる瞬間て時々あるでしょ?そんな時にこの一枚があれば2〜3杯は軽くイケるはず。ALL DAY MUSIC レコメンドは「How Could She Leave Me」を。

[Side A]
1. Mother-In-Law Blues
2. Sitting At My Window
3. Look Now, Baby
4. Your Love Is Like A Cancer
5. All Your Love
[Side B]
1. Cotton Picking Blues
2. Hot Sauce
3. How Could She Leave Me
4. Going Home Tomorrow
5. Now That I'm Down
  • Format : LP
  • Jacket condition : Very Good
  • Vinyl condition : Very Good